"Best Bang for Your Buck!"
Bell 206L-1/ L-3
"Loaded Patrol"

  • Six Passenger
  • Very Reliable Helicopter that has Been in Production for Over 30 Years
  • Club Passenger Seating for Face to Face Conversation
  • Covers a Smaller Base with a Three Man Crew (Ideal for Loaded Patrols)
  • Excellent Choice for Smaller Projects

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Safety Features

  • Patented Nodal Beam Suspension System for the Smoothest Ride Available
  • Simple High Inertia Two Bladed Rotor System 
  • Passengers and Crew are Very Familiar Working Around this Type of Helicopter
  • Equipped with Sliding Door and Satellite Tracking System

  • Maximum Weight:  1,882 kg/ 4,150 lbs.  (1,927 kg/ 4,250 lbs. with External Load
  • Useful Load:  725 kg/ 1,600 lbs.
  • Capacity:  one Pilot and six passengers or 771 kg/ 1,700 lbs. with sling
  • Power Plant:  Allison C28 (L-1), C30 (L-3)  Maximum Take Off Power:  650 SHP
  • Fast Cruise Speed:  222 km/h . . . 120 knts.  
  • Maximum Range:  630 km/ 340 nm
  • Maximum Endurance (With No Reserve):  3.5 Hrs.
  • Length, Blade in Front:  37 Ft.