​"Fighting Fires at 150 Knots!"
Agusta A119Koala
"Initial Attack"

  • 7 Passenger
  • Fastest Helicopter In It's Class (Same Cruise Speed as the Bird Dog Airplane Making It Ideal for Initial Attack)
  • 7 Foot Main Baggage Compartment Separate from Cabin
  • Same Landing Footprint as Bell Longranger
  • Best Price Per Passenger Mile in All Classes of Helicopters Due to It's Speed
 For Sale

Safety Features

  • Dual Hydraulics System 
  • All Electronic Digital Engine Control
  • SAS System (Reduces Pilot Fatigue and Creates More Stable Platform for Hover Exits & Precision Long Lining)
  • Equipped with Satellite Telephone and Tracking System
  • Two Large Sliding Doors for Ease of Loading and Unloading

  • Maximum Weight:  2,720 kg/ 5,997 lb.  (3,000 kg/ 6,614 lb. with External Load       
  • Useful Load 1,290 kg/ 2845 lb.
  • Capacity:  one Pilot and seven passengers or 1,451 kg/ 3,200 lb. with sling
  • Power Plant:  Pratt & Whitney PT6B-37A   Maximum Take Off Power :  1000 SHP
  • Fast Cruise Speed:  228 km/h - - 150 kt    (at max. weight)
  • Maximum Range:  935 km/ 505 nm  (takeoff at max weight)
  • Maximum Endurance (with no reserves):  5:2 hours
  • Length, Blade in Front:  45 ft.